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  • We guarantee full satisfaction on all your Godgita Diamond Design Jewellery.
  • Our promise to you is authenticity of the diamonds we use on our products. We also guarantee that all other material and workmanship put into your purchase is of absolute high standard.
  • All our products are completely NEW. We do not sell used jewellery.


  • Godgita Diamond Design offers an automatic 5 year warranty from the date of purchase of your fine jewellery, against defects in quality of material and/or workmanship only. These services are at NO COST to you. The type of solution necessary is at the jeweller’s discretion, and is limited to repair or replace. Costs beyond defects in quality of material and/or workmanship must be covered by customer.
  • The validity of this warranty depends on your compliance to bring your jewellery in for inspection, repair and cleaning once every six months by an authorised Godgita Diamond Design recommended jeweller. Bring your Warranty certificate and form, and the original sales receipt of your purchase to receive this service. Failure to do this, or in the event that your jewellery is worked on by anyone other than the abovementioned will immediately void your warranty.


  • Because we offer custom-designed jewellery, tailored for your needs and taste, these goods are not returnable.
  • To ensure that your jewellery remains in good condition; looking new, and to keep this Warranty in effect, your jewellery must be inspected, repaired and professionally cleaned by jewellers of Godgita Diamond Design at least once every six months. The inspection must me documented on your warranty form. All this will be done at NO CHARGE to you. Bring your warranty certificate and form, and original sales receipt with you for this service.
  • Should your jewellery purchased from Godgita Diamond Design be repaired or attended to by any person or entity other than the herein authorised Godgita Diamond Design jeweller, this warranty shall be voided immediately.
  • The terms of this Warranty Plan shall commence on the date of the sales invoice and continue for the lifetime of the purchased item.
  • Godgita Diamond Design is not obligated to repair or replace any materials due to causes beyond defects in quality of material and/or workmanship. This includes ordinary wear and tear, abusive treatment of the jewellery, misuse (use of product for purposes other than what it was designed for), alterations, substitutions, accidents, Repairs and alterations performed by someone other than a Godgita Diamond Design jeweller, disappearance and loss, theft, damage by fire, dirt, or any Acts of God. In addition, loss or damage resulting from failure to comply with the recommended services according to this warranty/Guaranty shall not be covered by this plan.
  • Godgita Diamond Design reserves the right to judge whether the jewellery has been subject to any of the above mentioned exclusions.
  • White gold and some silver jewellery is rhodium plated to enhance its appearance. This rhodium plating can wear off during normal wear and tear. Accordingly any rhodium plating is excluded from the Warranty.

This Plan is not transferable. It is for the benefit of the original customer, or in the case of a gift, the receiver of merchandise.

Please be advised, our warranty does not replace normal insurance. Be sure to take up casualty insurance coverage for your fine jewellery from a trusted insurance agent and company.

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