Godgita diamond design is founded by Clifford Nyathi, Banyana Montsho and Nikiwe Mathebula. Clifford is a professional chartered management accountant, but his keen eye on business creation led him to rope entrepreneurship in to his resume. He has run three businesses before, however he has held a strong interest in the fine jewellery business.

Banyana is a jewellery designer at heart. Professionally, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Science. However, after realizing her innate passion and talent in fine and contemporary diamond jewellery design, she took to working for a company that would mould her in the art as well as in business.

Through this she has gained experience and knowledge in both design and jewellery business administration that drives her work in Godgita today.Banyana has also managed to fit under her belt an international award for being overall best jewellery designer for DeBeers/DTC’s Shining Light Awards 2013/14.

The third pillar of Godgita Diamond Design is Nikiwe, the talent behind the manufacturing process. Her interest in art started at a very young age; sketching her way to her dream since primary school.

She began designing jewellery at the national school of the arts and went on to develop her art at the University of Johannesburg. During her years of study she won the Thuthuka jewellery competition in 2011 and later received a PlatAfrica Merit Award. Following her studies she pursued to perfect the mastery of jewellery design and manufacture, leading her to an apprenticeship at Keith White Designs. She is relentless, passionate and talented in her craft, she equally loves spreading herself and giving back, including being a mentor for students for Thuthuka jewellery competition.



Our design principles are centred on you, our client and your most treasured values: uniqueness, exclusivity, quality and relationships. Each piece of jewellery is crafted through a balance of these without compromise. Our jewellery is made only for you, the way YOU like it. We create pieces you can relate to, jewellery from your own heart. Every piece made by us assures you its premium quality. Whether it is a wedding piece, neckpiece, earrings or a gift to a loved one, the same standard is to be expected.


As part of our commitment to our clients, for every piece of jewellery made and purchased from us, we offer a 5-year period to inspect and restore it to a brand new look, once every six months charge free. Whatever the needs of the piece are, we will take care of it.* Beyond this warranty, our clients can still bring in their pieces for repairs and extra inspections as need arises for a minimal fee. We are happy to service you. *TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY

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